The Story
Sekoya is a curious dog with lots of questions. While playing in the rain, she meets a Rainbow with no color. Together, Rainbow and Sekoya set off on an adventure to find Rainbow's color, only to realize it was in Rainbow all along. With the support of Sekoya's forest friends, Rainbow discovers the power of friendship, gratitude and believing in oneself.

The Illustrations
Through collaboration and partnership, author Wendy Boyer and illustrator Scott Ward create a children's book that inspires possibility and imagination. With each reading, they invite you to discover something new within every page. The art is whimsical and vibrant, yet clever and transforming. Look carefully for textures and subtle images.

Future Books
As the Sekoya series grows, be on the lookout for future books. Additional titles include:

  • How Do You Find Your Words?
  • Why Is The Ocean Blue?
  • Where is God?
  • What’s For Dinner?

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